Week 3: Reusable Mugs 

This is one of the simplest changes I have made! No more plastic water bottles or paper coffee cups. I keep a mug at my desk and then everyday bring my water bottle and travel mug to work. If I want more coffee, I just take the mug down to the cafe, fill it, and pay. No one minds a bit that I’m not wasting a paper cup.   


Week 2: Biodegradable K-Cups

This change wasn’t quite as simple as I hoped it would be but I made it anyway. I found a brand that makes biodegradable K-Cups(San Francisco Bay Coffee). However, newer Keurig machines require you to use k-cup “certified” cups which their sensor detects. Unfortunately, to use these K-Cups I had to bypass that. (Tip: http://www.keurighack.com/) … And now I have Eco-friendly coffee! And as an added bonus it makes a much stronger cup that traditional K-Cups.   


Week 1: Recycle Box

So, the company I work for has a gray recycling program. However, the nearest recycling bin is not somewhere I walk by regularly or see often so j found myself trashing things out of laziness. So one day i grabbed  an empty paper box, stuck it under my desk and it was a game changer! Now I recycle almost everything. I empty my box once a week and I doubt I even come close to filling my trash can in a week (gets emptied every night by the cleaners so it’s tough to judge.)




My name is Kristian and I am a [barely still] 20-something slowly realizing that I am wasteful, very wasteful.

Other than that… I am a wife to my movie, comics, and board game loving husband, Zach. I am a puppy momma to Doyle (pug) and Cookie (chug … chihuahua/pug). I am a marketing professional, Columbus enthusiast, city dweller, yoga lover, and book nerd. I love brunch, my girlfriends, Saturday morning, and The Grinch (seriously). Above all, I am saved by grace and head over heels for our God and this beautiful world He has gifted me the chance to live in.

All that said, thank you for joining me in this journey. Each week I am going to commit to a new lifestyle change that is environmentally conscious. My vision is that these would be small changes that can add up to a big difference over time. I am open to suggestions and ideas as I go along.
Yours in all things crunchy,